• Mariesa Hipolito, MA, LPCC

The Best Inheritance

There is always so much to do! The older I get the more I realize that my list of "to do's" never seems to end. If anything my list seems to grow. Time seems to be running out and with every moment things are changing. My family is changing. I am changing.The world is changing. My child is growing up. What was once a newborn baby is now a toddler, then a preschooler, a child, now a teenager, a young adult, well you get it. We get older. I came across this quote "The best inheritance a parent can give their child is a few minutes each day." Wow! This is so true. How many studies, books, and mentors have said something similar to this quote?!

I can remember those moments my parents took time to be with me. I can remember those moments my pastors and youth leaders took time to be with me. I remember the friends and family members who took time out to be with me. I want to encourage you to add this to your already long list of "to does" at the very top. Then make it a habit to take time each day to be with your child. Take a moment to do something they enjoy. Take a moment to explore their world. Take a moment to do something, play, talk, hug, and express how important and loved they are. The best inheritance is giving time to be, connect, and create those long lasting memories. As I type this up, We have dishes in the sink, never ending laundry, and I have no idea what is on the menu for tomorrow, but I do know that today time was well spent.

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