Parenting: Be A Part Of

Sometimes I just want to do it alone. Sometimes I want my child to join with. I think it is so important for us to have self-care activities that involve just us. I also think it is important for us to include our children into our world with attention. When I welcome my child to join me in different activities such as cooking, working (when possible), cleaning, and sharing interests not only does this increase our bond but my child is actively a part of the things that are important to us as a family.Depending upon the age and development stage how you go about including them will look different. For now, this involves my little one assisting when it is time to feed the dogs by pouring the food into the dog bowls and assisting his parents by holding one side of the dog bowls. It involves giving him a few safe kitchen items when I am cooking in the kitchen and sometimes joining in by stirring or mixing food. Now, I do try to skip bringing my little one to Target or Whole Foods for grocery shopping with all my might. Have your limits. Develop how you will purposely bring them into your world by having them assist you in household responsibilities. Have fun with it! Give extra time. Allow the opportunity for them to learn life skills alongside you.

Allow your child to be a part of your world, household, responsibilities and fun! You may start to notice less tantrums, tensions between you and your child, and more smiles. May you allow and purposely have them join you in life.

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