• Mariesa Hipolito, MA, LPCC

Hope. How to Manage Hopelessness.

What is Hope to you? How do you find Hope? How has hope helped you in the past? Those who know me, understand that I LOVE asking questions because I think there is so much wisdom found when we ask questions. On that note how would you answer those questions above? Take a moment to write down your answers.

I have seen and experienced hopelessness and I bet you have too at some point. At times it seems that life is moving along with sunshine and unicorns and then out of no where pain, loss, disappointment in ourselves and others, promises broken, depression, and hate is seen and felt which can make Hope feel nonexistent. Keep walking. I want to encourage you to keep walking. Easier said than done, I get it. It is difficult to keep walking when maybe you feel alone, feel lost, feel like it is pointless, and like you are walking in the forest IN THE DARK with little to no view of where you are going. I believe there can be so many enrich life lessons in these moments so please keep walking.

When you feel like giving up, giving in, and that there is no point to life, look at your answers to the above questions, and know that there is Hope. Turn your eyes to that little bit of sunshine coming through the forest. Turn your ears to those who are offering strength to you. Turn your thoughts (even when you don't truly believe it) to things that are lovely and good. Sometimes for me its watching puppies with babies videos on Youtube. No joke! To me those things are lovely and good. Sometimes it may involve taking a walk in nature that brings forth some Hope. Sometimes for me it means reaching out to someone and God even when I don't want to. Keep walking. Keep looking. Keep reaching out.Take a breath. It will pass.

I also want to encourage you to build a healthy support network. This is where seeking a professional therapist can help too. No one deserves to do life alone. No one deserves to go through hopelessness alone. If you walk away with anything from this post, my hope is for you to know that you are not alone, you are strong, and Hope is worth those dark forest moments. May you find Hope today.

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