Who am I?

My name is Mariesa Hipolito. I am a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) who enjoys working with children and parents. I grew up in a loud, big and loving family. I call myself a Texsotan as I was born in Texas and moved to Minnesota when I was 13 years old. I became aware of this profession during my undergrad years. I was trying to pursue two majors, keep three different jobs while trying to figure out what "my calling" was. After I realized I was trying to control too many areas of my life, I took a breath, focused on one major (Psychology) and made necessary steps towards my values. Letting go of control (which is still a process) allowed hope and my faith to grow. I believe when we slow down, talk, and invest in wise counseling, we can find more clarity and hope.

I have been blessed to be a "mum" as my son calls me so I personally understand the joy and stress of parenting. I find it necessary for your child's progress to invite you into a "parent only" skill session from time to time. In those sessions, I go over observations, recommendations, and also teach you the skills I have taught your child. 

My goal is for you and your child to come into my office and feel unconditional love, acceptance, clarity, and hope. When we come to a place of acceptance, we then can clearly identify what needs to change or what needs to happen more often. I hope that our work together brings clarity, hope, and direction.

Academic Training:

  • B.S in Psychology from Bemidji State.

  • MA in counseling from Bethel University.

  • DBT foundational training/ DBT skills

  • Play Therapy techniques.

  • Theraplay techniques.

  • Sand-tray techniques.